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The hospital has embarked on a large and very exciting redevelopment project to become the most advanced private hospital in London. 

This includes a significant investment in leading-edge clinical equipment, like our new MRI, and will include a five-star upgrade to patient rooms and a very efficient new electronic patient record system.

Ambient MRI scanner

New MRI scanner

We have bought a new Philips Ingenia MRI Scanner. This new unit gives faster, improved quality scans and with a wider bore, will be more comfortable for all patients, especially those who may feel claustrophobic.

This is London’s first MRI scanner with ambient lighting and sound. Patients can select the sound and vision programmes they like which we hope will help them have a more pleasant and calm experience.

CT scanner combines clarity with speed and slashes radiation levels

Patients having cardiac or neurological scans will benefit from being treated using the Discovery CT750 HD, a new Computerised Tomography, or CT scanner. The unit uses radiation dose at 83 percent less for cardiac scans and up to 50 percent less for the rest of the body than normal scanners.

A full body scan can be completed in just 10 seconds, which is much faster than previously, significantly improving the patient experience. High-definition imaging in 4D allows doctors to see vessels as thin as human hair.

The Discovery High definition CT scanner enables clinicians to perform large-area dynamic coverage scans, virtual colonoscopy and 3D bone and tissue reformatting, giving them outstanding levels of visual referencing.

Dr Michael King, consultant radiologist, says, “Our new CT scanner is truly cutting-edge, and will enable us to provide patients with the finest body imaging around, supported, by our expert team of radiologists.”

For further information about our services please contact our GP Liaison Team on +44 (0)20 7460 5973.