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Urologist Mathias Winkler, Private Clinic Treatment, Self Pay Patients

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Mr Mathias Winkler, Consultant Urologist

Specialist Details
Full name

Mr Mathias Winkler




Consultant Urologist


Urology, Oncology - Medical, Radiology

Site specialisation
Site specialisation 2
Clinical interests

General Urology, urinary symptoms, prostate problems, scrotal lumps, blood in the urine, suspected cancer in kidney, prostate, bladder or testes, kidney stones, abnormal PSA, second opinon on cancer diagnosis and management and laraparaoscopic pelvic cancer surgery

Background Information

Mr Matt Winkler is head of the department of Urology and lead urology cancer surgeon at the West Middlesex. He also leads the prostate cancer services at Charing Cross, Imperial, and chairs the prostate specialist multidisciplinary meeting of the north west london cancer network. At WMUH he deals with elective and emergency urology, trains students and manages the Urology department. 
He provides an expert opinion for most aspects of general urology (urinary symptoms, pain, prostate and bladder problems, stones, scrotal lumps, penis problems, sex life trouble, suspected urological cancers, blood in urine, infections) except infertility and female incontinence. However, his superspecialist interests are prostate cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment including laparoscopic treatments of urological cancers. 
Mr Winkler has completed more than 350 laparoscopic radical prostatectomies for the treatment of prostate cancer, with more than 80 procedures per year. 
In addition he mentors other consultants and his team at Charing Cross Hospital pioneered day case surgery for laparoscopic radical prostate. He also introduced the concept of refined pre-operative staging with histoscanning and MRI. In addition he is author of numerous peer reviewed publications and investigator and the collaborator of several prostate cancer studies.

Languages spoken


Regular Cromwell clinics


Clinic days

Mon: Tue: Wed: Thurs: amFri: Sat:

Appointments telephone number

020 7460 5700

Additional Career Information
Year qualified




NHS hospitals

Charing Cross


Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Hospital Trust, West Middlesex site

Research interests

Prostate cancer (diagnosis, high risk and treatment failures), PSA testing and screening, development of biomarkers, epigenetic cancer signatures, minimally invasive treatments of prostate cancer (HIFU and keyhole surgery), imaging of prostate cancer.

Key published papers

Alshaker, H., Krell, J., Frampton, A.E., Waxman, J., Blyuss, O., Zaikin, A., Winkler, M., et al. (2014) Leptin induces upregulation of sphingosine kinase 1 in oestrogen receptor-negative breast cancer via Src family kinase-mediated, janus kinase 2-independent pathway. Breast Cancer Res, Oct 25, 16(5), 426 
Dickinson, L., Ahmed, H.U., Kirkham, A.P., Allen, C., Freeman, A., Barber, J., Hindley, R.G., Leslie, T., Ogden, C., Persad, R., Winkler, M.H., Emberton, M. (2013) INDEX Study Group. A multi-centre prospective development study evaluating focal therapy using high-intensity focused ultrasound for localised prostate cancer: The INDEX study. Contemp Clin Trials, Sep, 36(1), 68-80 
Dudderidge, T.J., Doyle, P., Mayer, E.K., Taylor, J., Agrawal, S., Stolzenburg, J.U., Winkler, M.H. (2012) Evolution of care pathway for laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. J Endourol, Jun, 26(6), 660-5 
Faure Walker, N.A., Nir, D., Simmons, L., Agrawal, S., Chung, C., Leminski, A., Rashid, T., Shamsuddin, A., Winkler, M. (2015) Using imaging biomarkers to improve the planning of radical prostatectomies. Urol Oncol, Jan, 33(1), 17 
Karavitakis, M., Winkler, M., Abel, P., Livni, N., Beckley, I., Ahmed, H.U. (2011) Histological characteristics of the index lesion in whole-mount radical prostatectomy specimens: implications for focal therapy. Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, Mar, 14(1), 46-52 


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