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Clinical Oncologist Prabir Chakraborti, Private Clinic Treatment, Self Pay Patients

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Dr Prabir Chakraborti, Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Specialising in:

Breast, prostate, kidney, bladder and  testical cancers

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Specialist Details
Full name

Dr Prabir Chakraborti




Consultant Clinical Oncologist

 Prabir Chakraborti

Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Immunology, Radio-isotope treatment, Novel targeted agents

Site specialisation


Site specialisation 2


Clinical interests

Breast, prostate, kidney, bladder and  testical cancers

Background Information

Dr Chakraborti has been involved in the management and treatment of cancer patients since 1990. He trained in various prestigious and teaching hospitals in London including the Royal London Hospital, St Bartholomew's Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital and Mt. Vernon Hospital. 
Dr Chakraborti is an established Oncologist with a long duration of service both within the NHS and the Private sector. The provision of treatment maintaining the highest quality and offering state of the art Radiotherapy (IMRT, IGRT, Adaptive radiotherapy); systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy, novel agents such as monoclonal antibodies and novel targeted agents as well as biological therapy, supported with an up-to-date knowledge base, remain Mr Chakraborti's top priorities. He offers a Comprehensive Oncology Service in: Breast , Prostate, Bladder, Kidney, Testis cancers

Languages spoken

English, Bengali

Regular Cromwell clinics


Clinic days

Mon: Tue: Wed: Thurs: Fri: Sat:

Appointments telephone number

020 7460 5700

Additional Career Information
Year qualified


NHS hospitals

Royal Derby


Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Research interests

Breast, bladder, kidney and prostate cancers

Key published papers

TRAPEZE: a randomised controlled trial of the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of chemotherapy with zoledronic acid, strontium-89, or both, in men with bony metastatic castration-refractory prostate cancer. James N, Pirrie S, Pope A, Barton D, Andronis L, Goranitis I, Collins S, McLaren D, O'Sullivan J, Parker C, Porfiri E, Staffurth J, Stanley A, Wylie J, Beesley S, Birtle A, Brown J, Chakraborti P, Russell M, Billingham L. Health Technol Assess. 2016 Jul;20(53):1-288. 
Cost-effectiveness of zoledronic acid and strontium-89 as bone protecting treatments in addition to chemotherapy in patients with metastatic castrate-refractory prostate cancer: results from the TRAPEZE trial (ISRCTN 12808747).Andronis L, Goranitis I, Pirrie S, Pope A, Barton D, Collins S, Daunton A, McLaren D, O'Sullivan JM, Parker C, Porfiri E, Staffurth J, Stanley A, Wylie J, Beesley S, Birtle A, Brown JE, Chakraborti P, Hussain SA, Russell JM, Billingham LJ, James ND. BJU Int. 2017 Apr;119(4):522-529 
Clinical Outcomes and Survival Following Treatment of Metastatic Castrate-Refractory Prostate Cancer With Docetaxel Alone or With Strontium-89, Zoledronic Acid, or Both: The TRAPEZE Randomized Clinical Trial. James ND, Pirrie SJ, Pope AM, Barton D, Andronis L, Goranitis I, Collins S, Daunton A, McLaren D, O'Sullivan J, Parker C, Porfiri E, Staffurth J, Stanley A, Wylie J, Beesley S, Birtle A, Brown J, Chakraborti P, Hussain S, Russell M, Billingham LJ. JAMA Oncol. 2016 Apr;2(4):493-9. 
Addition of docetaxel, zoledronic acid, or both to first-line long-term hormone therapy in prostate cancer (STAMPEDE): survival results from an adaptive, multiarm, multistage, platform randomised controlled trial.James ND, Sydes MR, Clarke NW, Mason MD, Dearnaley DP, Spears MR, Ritchie AW, Parker CC, Russell JM, Attard G, de Bono J, Cross W, Jones RJ, Thalmann G, Amos C, Matheson D, Millman R, Alzouebi M, Beesley S, Birtle AJ, Brock S, Cathomas R, Chakraborti P, Chowdhury S, Cook A, Elliott T, Gale J, Gibbs S, Graham JD, Hetherington J, Hughes R, Laing R, McKinna F, McLaren DB, O'Sullivan JM, Parikh O, Peedell C, Protheroe A, Robinson AJ, Srihari N, Srinivasan R, Staffurth J, Sundar S, Tolan S, Tsang D, Wagstaff J, Parmar MK; STAMPEDE investigators.Lancet. 2016 Mar 19;387(10024):1163-77.