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Before your stay


Pre-admission Clinic

Patient having blood pressure taken

Your consultant may advise you to attend the Pre-admission Clinic, one to four weeks before your admission date. At your appointment we will carry out any pre-tests so your consultant has the results in good time for your procedure.

The staff in the Pre-admission Clinic will advise you of anything you need to do before your appointment.

We will screen you to ensure you are free from MRSA. Download our MRSA leaflet for more information on our screening process.If you are one of the small number of people who carry the MRSA bacteria on your skin, we will give you an ointment for your nose and a special body / hair wash to use for five days.This precaution helps keep Bupa Cromwell Hospital free of infection for all our patients.

If your consultant advises you should attend the pre-admission clinic, but you are unable to do so, please contact your GP to undertake these tests for you and send copies of the results to us by:


Please note that Bupa Cromwell Hospital will not be financially liable for tests taken, other than by our own staff.


Things you may want to bring with you

  • any prescribed or non-prescribed medicines you are currently taking, in their containers
  • copies of any relevant medical information you may have such as medical records, X-rays or scans
  • if you are covered by a health insurer, details of your insurer or sponsor including a pre-authorisation number or letter of guarantee
  • credit or debit card, cash or sterling travellers’ cheques, with valid passport
  • toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving equipment hairbrush and or comb and anything else you may need;we provide good quality towels, soap, shower gel and shampoo
  • please don’t bring electrical accessories with you; we can supply hair dryers on request
  • night wear, dressing gown, slippers and casual loose-fitting clothing to wear during the day
  • stamps and stationery
  • favourite books and magazines; you can order newspapers and magazines to be delivered during your stay, and a charge will be added to your account
  • laptop.


Special requests

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible so please let us know in advance if you have any special requests, such as special facilities because of a physical disability. 

We do not have electronic door access around the hospital, so please let us know if you require help to move around the hospital.

Depending on your requirements, we are also able to provide an interpreter or chaperone.

If you would like relatives or companions to stay in hospital with you, we can arrange this in advance subject to room availability.Alternatively, you may wish to reserve a suite for your stay.

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