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Upon your arrival



Bupa Cromwell Hospital reception staff welcoming

Your appointment letter will advise you the time to arrive at the hospital. Please remember to follow any specific instructions you may have been given, such as fasting or ceasing to take any or all medicines.

When you arrive please go to the main reception desk.

If you have completed a pre-registration form, please bring it with you, or arrive at least ten minutes before your appointment so we can help you complete this.

A member of our Business Office team will meet with you either during check-in or once you are in your room. 

If you need a safety deposit box, this can be arranged, subject to availability.

After check-in

We will show you to your room and a nurse will visit you to complete the admission process.

Your nurse will give you an identification bracelet to wear on your wrist or ankle while you are in hospital. For your safety, you should tell the nurse about any medicines or dietary supplements you may be taking and whether you have any allergies so details can be put on your identification bracelet.

Getting ready for your treatment

Your consultant will have talked to you about your procedure, what it involves and whether you need to make any special preparations. He or she will be able to answer any additional questions you may have. 

Your consultant will visit you before your procedure and the anaesthetist, where relevant, will also come to see you.

If you are having surgery, you will be given an approximate time when you can expect to go to theatre. You will either walk there with a nurse or be taken on a trolley. Once in the anaesthetic room, the theatre staff will take over responsibility for your care.

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We can take your call between 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, and between 8am-2pm Saturdays.

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