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Preparation for theatre


Throughout your child's stay in hospital, their safety and comfort is our greatest concern.
children with paediatric staff

The nursing staff will carefully adhere to any instructions the consultant or anaesthetist has given regarding food and drink taken within a certain time period of the procedure. Your child won't need to wear a theatre gown, but for safety and comfort it is advisable that he or she wears only one layer of loose-fitting clothes.

You are very welcome to stay with your child as they prepare to go to theatre and you will be able to accompany and stay with them until they have been given an anaesthetic. The Rainbow Theatre, for children only, is adjacent to the Skyline Ward and so your child will remain in the area they will have developed some familiarity with, which we find helps lessen stress for both children and their parents.

For further information about visiting Skyline Ward, please click on the below link:

Meeting the doctors and nurses on Skyline Ward

Please note that we do not provide a paediatric intensive care unit at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, however any deteriorating child will be quickly assessed by the Children’s Acute Transport Service (CATS) and transferred to the most appropriate paediatric intensive care provider.

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If you have questions regarding your child's stay in hospital, please call our paediatric ward.

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