Top 5 questions about diet and inflammatory bowel disease – answered

Did you know around 1 in every 210 people in the UK are affected by inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)? We asked our dietitians about the role food plays in managing this condition, the most commonly asked questions and their top tips for eating with IBD. 1) Do certain foods cause IBD?There is no clear evidence […]

A day in the life of Steffanie Espiritu, Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist

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Ever wondered what a day in the life of a breast cancer nurse specialist looked life? Here Steffanie Espiritu, Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist at Bupa Cromwell Hospital talks us through what a typical day looks like, and her favorite things about the job.  What made you want to become a breast cancer nurse specialist? I studied […]

GenesisCare Centre for Radiotherapy at Bupa Cromwell Hospital opens its doors to patients

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Patients with difficult to treat cancers can now access care at Europe’s newest and most advanced radiotherapy centre, based at Bupa Cromwell Hospital. The radiotherapy centre, run by GenesisCare, specialises in complex and difficult-to-treat tumours and houses three of the most cutting-edge radiotherapy technologies in the world – MRIdian® MR Linac, Gamma Knife® IconÔ, and […]

Get ready for the slopes!


Want to get to the end of your skiing holiday rejuvenated, and most importantly, injury-free? The answer is to prepare your body during the weeks leading up to your trip. This will not only reduce the risk of injuries and falls, but also improve your performance on the slopes. Mr Simon Moyes, orthopaedic surgeon and sports […]

Suffer with shoulder pain?


Our modern, active lives often put strain on our shoulders when we carry out physical activities and exercise. You don’t have to be a tennis player with a big serve to suffer from shoulder pain. It is one of the most common problems that orthopaedic specialists report their patients as having when they come to […]

Live longer, live better: Recover faster from joint surgery

Recover faster from joint surgery

A report from Public Health England (PHE) found that the life expectancy for older people in England has risen to its highest ever level. However, despite evidence showing that people are living longer, many are doing so in poor health which can dramatically affect their quality of life. This is particularly evident when looking at […]

Can surgery really cure type 2 diabetes?

Can surgery really cure type 2 diabetes?

If you are one of the 4 million people affected by diabetes in the UK then you’re part of an ever-increasing number affected by the disease, globally. As people get larger the numbers just keep going up. In London, around one in ten people are affected by diabetes. Of this number, around 90% are type […]

Do you dread kid’s mealtimes?

Do you dread kid's mealtimes?

Feeding difficulties in babies and young children are very common and can be extremely stressful for children and parents alike. About one in four children admitted to hospital has some type of growth or feeding problem, which can result from underlying conditions including gastro-intestinal and muscular disorders, respiratory illness, or cleft lip and palate. Without […]

Keep your skin safe in the sun

Keep your skin safe in the sun

One of the best things about summertime is soaking up the sun, whether on a well deserved holiday or just getting a quick lunchtime break from the office. But how much sun exposure is good for you, and when does it become harmful? Exposure to the sun’s rays has health benefits but also some risks. […]

When a heart murmur isn’t innocent

When a heart murmur isn't innocent

Heart murmurs in babies and children are very common but most of them are harmless. Unfortunately for some children they are the sign of a more serious heart condition. Innocent heart murmurs A heart murmur is an added noise to the normal ‘lub-dub’ sound of the heart. Most heart murmurs in babies and children are […]