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Chemotherapy, Private Clinic Treatment, Self Pay Patients

Chemotherapy, Private Clinic Treatment, Self Pay Patients



Chemotherapy is the use of intravenous drugs to destroy cancer cells.

The type of chemotherapy treatment depends on many things, particularly the type of cancer. It is often used in conjunction with surgery and/or radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy Day Unit

The dedicated nurses in our Chemotherapy Day Unit take a holistic approach to the care of their patients to ensure that their psychological as well as physical needs are considered. They work as part of a multidisciplinary team that includes a nurse navigator, dietitians, clinical specialist nurse for breast care, and a palliative care nurse. 


Helping to reduce hair loss

Many patients say hair loss is one of the most devastating side effects of their treatment. We use chemotherapy to destroy cancer cells because they grow very rapidly, and because hair follicles are also made up of rapidly growing cells, some chemotherapy leads to hair loss. This can often be reduced or prevented  however through scalp cooling. 

We offer the latest scalp-cooling technology – the DigniCap™ - which has been shown to help more than 80% of patients keep their hair to the extent that they did not feel the need for a head covering or wig. By lowering the temperature of the scalp, the blood vessels become smaller and less blood flows through them, so less of the chemotherapy drugs reach the follicle and your hair is not fully exposed to the effect of the drugs.

Read more about how our patients are benefiting from this new technology.

Personalised menus - Wish for a dish

Because some chemotherapy patients can’t cope with regular meals we have devised a lighter menu with smaller portions of simple food (based on responses to patient research) and a menu of healthy fruit shakes. We also offer our ‘Wish for a dish’ option, where patients are asked ‘what would you eat now if you were at home?’. We'll cook that especially for them.

Services in the chemotherapy day unit include:

  • phlebotomy or cannulation
  • bone marrow aspiration and trephine
  • management of patients with HICKMAN® Catheter or GROSHONG® Catheter and Port-a-Cath*
  • day-case infusion and blood products
  • outpatient chemotherapy and coordination of inpatient chemotherapy


*HICKMAN and GROSHONG are registered trade marks of C R Bard, Inc.

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