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PET / CT scans, Private Clinic Treatment, Self Pay Patients

PET / CT scans, Private Clinic Treatment, Self Pay Patients

PET/CT scans

PET CT scanner


What is PET/CT?

PET (positron emission tomography) is a specialised diagnostic scan used to detect, stage and monitor many types of cancer, as well as areas of infection. Before the scan the patient is injected with a radioactive isotope, which accumulates in cells with high metabolic activity. The PET scan then detects the radiation from the isotope to show minuscule changes in the body’s metabolism. 

The PET scan is enhanced by a CT (computed tomography) scan. The PET scan detects the uptake and the CT scan then pinpoints its exact location, size and shape. This allows clinicians to determine and plan treatment accordingly. 

Benefits of our Philips Gemini TF Scanner

Our PET/CT scanner has the 'Time of Flight' (TF) technology, using very sensitive detectors that are not available on most other systems. This offers images of exceptional quality, generated in the shortest possible scan time. The open design of the scanner and short scan time are beneficial for patients who may have claustrophobia. We can do paediatric scans and, offer these under general anaesthetic if required.

A friendly and reassuring environment for patients

We offer a friendly service in a comfortable environment. Patients can expect their own private room for resting prior to the scan, a comfortable waiting area for relatives, and an experienced team who will take time to put you at ease and answer any questions you may have. 

Preparing for a PET/CT scan

You may need to fast for your PET/CT scan, please contact the department to confirm such arrangements. It is important you follow any instructions given, otherwise it may result in the scan not being performed as planned.

The consultant will receive your scan results within 24 to 48 hours after your scan. They will contact you as soon as possible with the results.

For further details read our PET/CT patient information guide.

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