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Breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer treatment

Breast care services
Bupa Cromwell Hospital has an end-to-end pathway for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

The service is led by breast consultants and supported by a dedicated breast care nurse specialist. 

We also provide expert multidisciplinary care to address all breast conditions including:

  • Breast cancer
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Breast abnormalities
  • Breast pain (mastalgia)
  • Nipple discharge
  • Male breast concerns
  • Benign breast lumps (e.g: fibrodenoma)


Benefits of the Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Service

  • Full service under one roof
  • Available to both insured and self funded patients
  • Appointment with breast consultant, mammogram and/or ultrasound and biopsy (if required) can take place on the same day
  • Onward referral if cancer is diagnosed to defined treatment pathways
  • Led by breast consultants who are leaders in their fields, supported by dedicated breast multidisciplinary team


Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Pathway


Diagnostic tests

The following diagnostic tests may be required:

  • Mammogram - this provides an X-ray of the breasts with the mammographer taking images by positioning the breast between two plates. A radiologist then checks the images and may recommend additional breast imaging to achieve the best assessment
  • Ultrasound - this uses sound waves to create an image of the breast tissue, helping the doctor look for lumps and any other abnormalities
  • Core biopsy - using a local anaesthetic, this involves removing a tiny piece of breast tissue. More than one sample may be required to ensure an adequate amount of tissue is taken. The procedure takes a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes


Further diagnostic tests

In addition to these tests, more complex investigations can be arranged and can include:



Our Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Service is available Monday to Friday.


Breast care pathway prices


Specialist Consultants

The following consultants offer appointments for the Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care service:


Additional breast care services

Our dedicated team offers a wide range of support for patients undergoing breast treatment. This includes:

  • Macmillan counselling service - Counselling provides an important means of support for you and your family
  • Physiotherapy - Specialist cancer physiotherapists aim to improve quality of life through tailored rehabilitation programmes throughout treatment and recovery
  • Massage service - Helpful for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy to aid relaxation, alleviate tension and stress, and improve body comfort
  • Prosthesis and bra fitting service - Whether it's reassurance and advice on finding and wearing the right bra, partial prosthesis (to even out breast shapes post breast-conserving surgery) or full prosthesis (following mastectomy) - we're here for you


Why choose Bupa Cromwell Hospital's Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Service?

  • Our multidisciplinary team are leaders in their field. They are responsible for many of the latest advances in breast disease and cancer research for both men and women

  • Advanced technology - From examination to diagnosis and treatment, our Rapid Diagnostic Breast Care Service uses the most advance medical technology to ensure a swift diagnosis and the best treatment results
  • Quality of care - With our multidisciplinary approach and exceptional oncologists, mammographers and breast care clinical nurse specialists, we deliver a personal and highly specialised service


What our patients say:

"The Bupa Breast Care Pathway is an excellent time-saving use of services that ensures all the original diagnostic testing is completed in one go and in one location. This is a completely logical and sensible approach."

 "I was referred from a Bupa health assessment and within a week I'd had a consultation, ultrasound, biopsy and the results. A very positive experience."

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Our breast care pathway is now available as a fixed price package.

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