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Chemotherapy day unit

Chemotherapy is a form of cancer treatment that involves injecting drugs into the body in order to destroy cancer cells.

The length of treatment and type of drugs used will vary widely, according to what type of cancer you have. Chemotherapy may also be combined with other treatments such as radiotherapy and/or surgery, depending on the circumstances.

At Bupa Cromwell Hospital, treatment is offered both to patients with health insurance and to those looking for a self-pay option.

Why choose the Bupa Cromwell Hospital Chemotherapy Day Unit?

Bupa Cromwell Hospital is famous worldwide for its cancer care services, which are tailored to each patient’s needs. And we don’t just mean their physical needs, but their mental wellbeing too.

You’ll be cared for by a team of highly trained, caring professionals, each an expert in their own area, but working closely together.

As well as providing you with the treatment you need, they’ll also be looking for other ways to make you feel a little better, such as:

  • The latest technology to help you keep your hair - DigniCap™. This scalp-cooling cap (more comfortable than others on the market) narrows the blood vessels in the scalp during treatment, meaning that less of the drugs reach the hair follicle. It’s not possible to stop hair loss altogether, but evidence shows that over 80% of patients who use DigniCap™ did not feel they needed to wear a head covering or wig.
  • Personalised menus – ‘Wish for a Dish’. During chemotherapy, you’re likely to want different food to usual – most patients find they can only manage smaller portions, and want to avoid particular flavours as some chemotherapy treatment may also give you a metallic taste in your mouth.

Our nurses and dieticians have worked together to come up with a special menu of light bites and fruit shakes – and we’ve introduced ‘Wish for a Dish’, where patients can have their favourite food from home cooked to order especially for them. We'll be happy to make the necessary arrangements to ensure your comfort is our priority.


What services are available in the unit?

  • Chemotherapy as an outpatient (if you need to be admitted as an inpatient, that will be co-ordinated from the Unit too)
  • Tests such as blood tests and bone marrow samples
  • Infusion and blood products 


How do I pay for treatment?

We welcome both insured and self-pay patients as well as company and embassy sponsored patients.


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Alternatively you can search our complete list of specialist consultants.


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