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TomoTherapy is a form of radiotherapy which combines three techniques to treat cancer efficiently.

These include a personalised treatment plan for each patient, image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) and intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).

Image guided radiotherapy uses a built-in scanner to accurately locate where the tumour is before treatment.

Intensity modulated radiotherapy is a dose of radiotherapy which only targets the precise shape of the tumour. This limits damage to surrounding healthy tissue and reduces side effects.

Why choose Bupa Cromwell Hospital for TomoTherapy?

Bupa Cromwell Hospital was the first in the UK to introduce TomoTherapy, and we remain the only private hospital in the country to offer this leading radiotherapy technology.

Our internationally recognised cancer specialists work closely together as a team. They provide the most up-to-date and effective treatments, to patients from across the UK and the world.

What are the benefits of TomoTherapy?

  • Healthy tissue is not damaged as radiation is concentrated on the tumour; this also reduces side effects.
  • The precision of TomoTherapy allows doctors to re-treat a tumour where surrounding organs or tissue may have already received the maximum radiation dose. This offers a lifeline to patients for whom additional treatment was not previously possible.
  • Doctors can treat multiple sites at the same time - for example if there are several lesions in the same organ - reducing treatment time.


Mr Alan Richards, patient at Bupa Cromwell Hospital

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How do I pay for treatment?

We welcome both insured and self-pay patients as well as company and embassy sponsored patients.


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