Skyline – our children and young people's department

Skyline is the internationally renowned children and young people's unit at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, providing care in a warm and friendly environment.


Your child will be seen by a leading consultant paediatrician or surgeon and a highly-trained medical team. Everyone at Skyline is a paediatric specialist, from the consultants to the nurses and the therapists.

As well as expert medical care, we offer rapid, high-end assessment, with diagnostic tests carried out on-site using our state-of-the-art facilities. If necessary, your child can be admitted as a day patient or inpatient the same day.

While we're not a walk-in service, GPs can refer to us in hours and out-of-hours.

24-hour expert care

Bupa Cromwell Hospital is the only private children's unit to have a resident paediatric consultant intensivist on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not a junior doctor or a locum, but a paediatric consultant with the knowledge and expertise to make life-saving decisions when it counts.

In addition, there are theatres on every ward level and all of our on-call anaesthetists are trained in advanced resuscitation.

As part of our admissions assessment we are careful to only admit children when we're sure we can meet their needs safely. This makes us the safest private children's unit for appropriate admission.

Safety is our top priority

Our Skyline Ward is safe and secure and can only be entered by child patients and their parents, or visitors approved by you.

The ward is protected by a coded entry system which can only be accessed by a special card with a timing device, and a new code every day.

We have a child monitor policy which is closely adhered to by all our paediatric consultants and staff and is led by our chief nurse and medical director as a standard.

Emotional health is important too

Our paediatric nurses and play specialists are sensitive to the emotional as well as the physical needs of children and will do everything they can to lessen any concerns you or your child may have.

They know how concerned parents are when a child is not well and will help brothers and sisters to feel more informed and confident too.

Find out what to expect when your child is a patient.

Why choose us?

At Bupa Cromwell Hospital, you can expect:

  • 24-hour on-site paediatric intensivist
  • latest diagnostics and technology
  • full breadth of paediatric care
  • immunisation clinic
  • paediatric theatres on every ward

“I had a great experience at the Cromwell Hospital; the staff were amazing, and is another level of professionalism compared to other hospitals I’ve stayed in.”

Lorne, patient

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