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Children's speech and language therapy

Children's speech and language therapy

Childrens speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapy concerns the management of speech disorders, language, communication, voice and swallowing.

Benefits of speech and language therapy at Bupa Cromwell Hospital

Our speech and language therapists work independently and as members of multidisciplinary teams, treating children up to 18 years of age who are experiencing communication and/or feeding difficulties.

We assess and manage children with the following conditions:

  • attention and listening difficulties
  • autistic spectrum disorder
  • eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties
  • global developmental delay
  • hearing impairment and history of glue ear
  • language development (understanding and using language)
  • literacy
  • speech production difficulties
  • social communication difficulties
  • stammering and stuttering
  • tracheotomy to provide temporary or permanent breathing support
  • voice loss or hoarse voice

What does speech and language therapy involve?

We give each patient an in-depth and comprehensive assessment of their communication and or feeding skills. As part of this we discuss the findings of any tests and examinations with the carer and patient and agree whether further treatment will take place.

If the carer and child wish to undertake therapy, one-to-one therapy sessions take place with our qualified and experienced speech and language therapist. These sessions are complemented by a tailored programme  for the patient to practice at home. Therapy can be direct, indirect therapy in the form of home programmes, or a combination of both.

The length of treatment varies according to the patient and treatments required. The therapist will discuss the likely length of the treatment programme at the first session.

Parents are taught strategies and skills to supplement and support my therapy in order to optimise the child’s progress.

Access to treatment

In-patients are seen in agreement with their consultant and can undertake either intensive therapy or be monitored as part of their ongoing treatment.

Out-patients can access services directly, or be referred by their GP, consultant, allied health professional or teacher.

Arabic speaking patients can be seen with an Arabic interpreter.

Please note that we do not provide a paediatric intensive care unit at Bupa Cromwell Hospital. However, any deteriorating child will be quickly assessed and stabilised by a Resident Medical Officer (RMO) trained in paediatric intensive care, supported by an on-call Paediatric Intensive Care Consultant, before being transferred to the most appropriate paediatric intensive care provider by the Children’s Acute Transport Service (CATS).

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