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Brain metastases, brain tumour treatment, brain tumour surgery


Brain metastases

More than 185,000 patients with brain metastases have been treated with Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

What is a brain metastases?

A brain metastases is a cancer that has spread to the brain from another site in the body. They are more commonly, but not exclusive to, the breast and lung.

What are the symptoms of brain metastases?

Many patients have no or minimal symptoms, and metastases normally found during medical investigations. Symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea or others related to the nervous system very much depend on the size and location of any metastases. 

How is brain metastases diagnosed?

Diagnosis includes MRI and head CT scanning.

What is the treatment for brain metastases?

Radiation is the most commonly used treatment for brain metastases. Gamma Knife surgery is the most frequently applied radiosurgery technology in the treatment of brain metastases with the largest published evidence.

So far more than 185,000 patients with brain metastases have been treated using the Gamma Knife. For many patients Gamma Knife radiosurgery offers superior results avoiding longer hospital treatments and invasive interventions. Gamma Knife radiosurgery controls and destroys the brain metastasis locally. The tumour shrinks slowly following Gamma Knife treatment and tumour growth is stopped. Generally radiosurgery achieves local tumour control in 85-90% of patients.

For more information on pre- and post-treatment for metastases with Gamma Knife, see the related downloads section below.

Further information on brain metastases

Please contact the Gamma Knife Centre directly or go to Brain Tumour UK, Macmillan cancer support, Dictionary for Brain Tumour patients.

For health professionals

Please see Professor Lippitz's website for more information on:

  • NHS patients wishing to have Gamma Knife surgery must be referred by their NHS consultant or GP to one of our Gamma Knife specialists
  • Insured and Embassy patients can be referred by their GP, consultant or Embassy as appropriate to one of our Gamma Knife specialists
  • Self-pay patients can self refer to one of our Gamma Knife specialists or be referred by their GP or consultant.
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