Liver medicine

Diagnosing and treating conditions and diseases of your liver.


Our liver specialists (hepatologists) are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating all conditions that affect your liver.

Liver conditions can affect your ability to filter out toxins, break down fat and make vital proteins.

The hepatologists at the Cromwell Hospital work within multidisciplinary teams treating complex conditions such as liver cancer, cirrhosis, diabetes and chronic obesity.

Related conditions

We treat a number of conditions of the liver, including:

  • cystic disease in the liver
  • benign liver lesions
  • cystic pancreatic lesions
  • GIST- gastrointestinal stroma tumour.
  • laparascopic gall bladder surgery
  • liver cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • viral hepatitis B and C

Related treatments

Hepato-pancreato-billiary surgery (HPB) - carried out by our expert hepatology surgeons for a variety of liver conditions including cancer.

Other liver cancer treatments include:

  • systemic chemotherapy
  • radiotherapy
  • radiofrequency ablation
  • liver and pancreatic cancer surgery
  • palliative care and pain services

Why choose us?

  • internationally renowned general surgeons with specialised experience in all aspects of liver conditions.
  • multidisciplinary team of specialist nurses and consultants
  • state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging – onsite ultrasound and MRI, reported by specialist radiologists.
  • experienced in treating complex cases of cancer and liver disease.

“I had a great experience at the Cromwell Hospital; the staff were amazing, and is another level of professionalism compared to other hospitals I’ve stayed in.”

Lorne, Bupa Cromwell patient

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