Radiotherapy destroys the DNA inside cancer cells to prevent them from reproducing, by using high-energy beams (x-rays) or radiation inside your body.


Radiotherapy can be used to destroy tumours, to shrink tumours before surgery, or to kill off remaining cancer cells after surgery or chemotherapy.

It is also used to treat the symptoms and control the spread of cancer when a cure is not possible.

Our partnership with cancer-care specialists GenesisCare has enhanced our radiotherapy service, giving you rapid access to pioneering technology.

There are two types of radiotherapy:

  • External beam radiotherapy: x-rays given from outside your body, using a radiotherapy machine.
  • Internal radiotherapy: a small amount of radioactive material is placed inside your body to treat cancers in your internal organs.

Both types can be given as outpatient procedures, or are carried out as part of wider inpatient cancer treatments.

Related treatments

At Bupa Cromwell Hospital, we regularly perform the following private radiotherapy treatments:

This is one of the most advanced cancer treatment systems available, and Bupa Cromwell Hospital is the only private hospital in the UK to offer it. The doctor checks the location of the tumour before each session, and then painless and precise radiation therapy based on a customised plan.

Find out more about TomoTherapy >

Gamma Knife
Despite the name, Gamma Knife treatment does not involve surgery. The most effective treatment for single and multiple brain metastases, which can occur as secondary tumours in patients with melanoma, breast and lung cancers.

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Our lung care services >

Xstrahl Therapy
Uses low energy x-rays to treat both malignant and non-malignant (benign) conditions of the skin and bone.

Coming soon

MRI-Guided Linac and Varian Edge (coming spring 2020 - to replace TomoTherapy)
From spring 2020 Bupa Cromwell Hospital will have access to a new MRI-Guided Linac. We will be the first hospital in London to offer this service outside of a research study.

The MRI-Guided Linac is a technological step change in radiotherapy that significantly improves outcomes through more precise targeting of tumours, including those of the pancreas, liver, lung, prostate and breast. For most patients, it will reduce treatment time by more than half and minimise side effects.

Gamma Knife Icon (coming soon)
The Gamma Knife Icon allows doctors to provide individualised delivery, without sacrificing precision and accuracy.

Why choose us?

  • Extensive team – our radiotherapists work with specialists, nurses and consultants as part of multidisciplinary teams throughout the hospital.
  • GenesisCare – our partners give you access to the latest cancer diagnostics and treatment.
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging – onsite ultrasound and MRI, reported by specialist radiologist.
  • Fully equipped for severe and complex cases.
  • Central London location – easily accessible by train and The London Underground.

Our specialist consultants

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