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Bariatric surgery


Bariatric (weight loss) surgery


Weight loss surgery (also known as bariatric surgery) is used treat patients who are dangerously overweight.

If you have previously been unsuccessful in losing weight by changing your lifestyle or diet, then weight loss surgery may be right for you.

There are several different types of weight loss surgery, all of which are available at Bupa Cromwell Hospital. These include:


Gastric bypass

During a gastric bypass procedure, special surgical staples are used to reduce the size of your stomach, causing food to bypass part of the stomach and small intestine.

This results in you eating less, with some food not being fully digested. This makes you feel full more quickly.

The length of stay in hospital needed varies from person to person, but will typically be around two nights.


Gastric banding

A gastric band is an inflatable circular band which is placed around the top of your stomach. 

This reduces the speed at which food moves into the stomach and helps you to feel full more quickly, encouraging you to reduce the amount you want to eat. 

Gastric band surgery can be performed as a day-case, or with an overnight stay. 


Sleeve gastrectomy

A sleeve gastrectomy involves removing part of your stomach. 

The remaining part of the stomach is made into a long tube shape, which restricts the amount of food that can be consumed. This results in you feeling fuller sooner, and for longer.

A sleeve gastrectomy involves a two-night stay in hospital afterwards. 


Why choose Bupa Cromwell Hospital for your weight loss surgery?

We provide leading-edge facilities, and a specialist weight management team which includes:

  • A doctor who specialises in metabolism related health issues

  • A psychiatrist focused on helping people with weight related issues

  • Experienced weight loss surgeons

  • A specialist nurse

  •  A dietician


What if I need further treatment?

The weight loss management clinic has close links with other teams at the hospital. You may be referred to other services if you need them, such as:

  • plastic surgery to remove loose/excess skin

  • physiotherapy

  • endocrinology and diabetes

  • sleep apnoea clinic

  • women's clinic


Here’s what some of our weight loss surgery patients had to say:

"I have lost over 38 percent of my weight within the first six months. I have been given a new life and feel absolutely wonderful. I would recommend the surgery by Mr Ahmed wholeheartedly."

Gastric bypass patient

"This is a team of extremely professional doctors who are at the cutting-edge of weight-loss surgery."

Sleeve gastrectomy patient

How do I pay for treatment?

We welcome both insured and self-pay patients as well as company and embassy sponsored patients.


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